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Reporting Piracy

Software Theft

Software theft affects us all. It is not just the IT industry that loses out to software thieves, the end-user is often left in a vulnerable position as they will not be entitled to technical support or have access to information regarding upgrades. Additionally, illegal products may be incomplete, contaminated with a virus or have impaired functionality.

We welcome any assistance to help us combat software theft. If you have any information regarding the abuse or illegal sale of software, then please contact us by telephone, e-mail or by completing the complaint form provided below.

You can be assured that your personal details will be treated in confidence unless we are required to comply with a legal process ordering disclosure. If we do not have authority to represent a particular software publisher, we may continue to contact the organisation named, whilst respecting your confidentiality, with the aim being to notify and provide a view to providing avenues for assistance.

Report Piracy

If you suspect that software you have been sold or you have seen for sale is illegal, or if you suspect that a company is using illegal/unlicensed copies of software, please click on the appropriate link below:


If you wish to make a report over the telephone to us, please call us on (01628) 640060 and one of our experts will be happy to talk to you in confidence or you can email us at

Please download the attached infographic for more information on how to make a report.

Using Unlicensed Software

Things to look out for:

  • No license documentation
  • Poor quality artwork on packaging or media
  • Another person's details on registration screens
  • Refusal by dealer to give you product ID/ serial number
  • Very cheap software

What We Need to Investigate Further

  • Details of products and the versions involved
  • Details of how the products are being sold including copies of adverts, e-mail addresses or retailers addresses.
  • Contact information for the informant, email address, phone and fax numbers.
  • Copies of quotes or invoices for the infringing software.
  • Any other relevant paperwork, examples of the software or additional information

Thank you for wanting to help reduce software theft. . If you have witnessed or been forced to work in an environment where software theft has occurred, do not hesitate to contact us on the details above. You could be entitled to a compensatory reward relative to the scale of theft should the case succeed.