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Avoiding the Pitfalls

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Ten ways to avoid buying pirate software:

  • Buy only from reputable dealers
  • Get a written quote listing hardware/software specification and version
  • Make sure you get an itemised invoice giving details of all hardware and software supplied
  • Make sure you get software licenses in electronic or paper format - these are important
  • Read the terms and conditions of the licence
  • Once you have bought your hardware do not allow dealers to install software onto your computer without them providing licenses, etc
  • Remember even Shareware usually must be deleted or purchased after the initial evaluation period
  • If possible buy from a dealer recommended by the publisher
  • Make sure that you understand that "bundled" software may come pre-installed on your computer and you may not receive the media
  • If in doubt ask for help from the publisher or The Federation

Beware if:

  • There are no relevant software licence documents
  • The artwork on the media and packaging looks unprofessional
  • There are somebody else's details on the registration screens
  • The dealer is refusing to give you product the ID/ Serial number
  • The software is being sold for a much lower price than it should be