10 - Software Manifesto - Deterrence and accountability | FAST

10 - Software Manifesto - Deterrence and accountability

Mar 2015

As we run up to the general election in May I am delighted to launch FAST ten point Software Manifesto that focuses on three key areas: enforcement, deterrence and accountability. Over the next two weeks we will publish one point per day and welcome feedback and discussion.

Deterrence and accountability

FAST also believes that company Directors need to be held more accountable under the criminal law for simply knowing about illegal software use but cannot necessarily be pursued personally under the current criminal copyright provisions unless a high legal bar can be passed proving they were the controlling mind behind the offence. FAST is pushing for company directors to be made liable for personal negligence. Furthermore, FAST is campaigning for UK legal compensation provision for up to 100 per cent of the value of pirated or unlicensed software.