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3 - Software Manifesto - Building on the legal framework

Feb 2015

As we run up to the general election in May I am delighted to launch FAST ten point Software Manifesto that focuses on three key areas: enforcement, deterrence and accountability. Over the next two weeks we will publish one point per day and welcome feedback and discussion.

  • Building on the legal framework
    Since its inception, FAST has worked hard on behalf of the UK software industry to ensure that software perspective is considered in the development of IP law, particularly on copyright. The UK must also have a strong voice at European level to ensure that the law is developed in a balanced manner in accordance with valuing and protecting IP.

    FAST believes that the law needs to be drafted with one goal: in order to instil certainty. Businesses need certainty to invest and innovate, which is why FAST is calling on lawmakers to ensure that the UK has and continues to offer a suitable and advanced IP regime.