9 - Software Manifesto - Sensible data protection | FAST

9 - Software Manifesto - Sensible data protection

Mar 2015

As we run up to the general election in May I am delighted to launch FAST ten point Software Manifesto that focuses on three key areas: enforcement, deterrence and accountability. Over the next two weeks we will publish one point per day and welcome feedback and discussion.

Sensible data protection

The EU is still debating the issue of upgrading the Europe wide Data Protection regime and FAST is calling on all political parties in the forthcoming election not to overlook this and ensure that the UK is not burdened with an overzealous regime, which acts against economic growth for all businesses. A modernised data protection regime that can help clarify data subject rights, provide a clear governance framework for businesses that operate across the EU and robust enforcement is to be welcomed. Care needs to be taken to avoid the imposition of overly prescriptive rules that inhibit future paths to data-driven economic growth.