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Article 4 must be transposed into UK national law

FAST responds to European Commission’s public consultation on the Enforcement of IPR

The Digital Economy Act; the battle of the business sectors

High Court Judicial Review delays controversial anti-illicit filesharing scheme

FAST backs government moves to tackle £21bn estimated cost of IP theft

Office of Cyber Security recommends central reporting hub and website to publicise costs of cyber crime in UK

File-sharing legal action must continue despite uproar

FAST believes file sharers should know that there is a risk of being caught

EU Law needs to be tougher to tackle online piracy

European Commission believes ISPs need to take urgent steps to combat intellectual property theft

Software should have its own copyright Act, MP Eric Joyce told

Digital Economy Act ‘not enough to protect smaller software companies’

Education, education, education

Research shows Brits will stop buying fake goods if they are told where the proceeds go

New event for software industry lifts lid on latest upgrades to Software Asset Management standard

Software firms will learn how to engage end users in trials of Software Asset Management (SAM) Certification