Creative Industries deliver record growth for UK Plc | FAST

Creative Industries deliver record growth for UK Plc

New figures published by the Government that reveal that the UK’s creative industries is now worth £76.9 billion a year, has been warmly welcomed by The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST).

Key figures from the Government statistics include:

  • Gross Value Added (GVA) for 2012-13 increased by 9.9 per cent – three times that of the UK economy as a whole, and higher than any other industry.
  • GVA of the Creative Industries was £76.9bn in 2013 and accounted for 5 per cent of the economy. For the fourth year running, the creative sector proportion of total UK GVA was higher than the year before, and is now at a record high. 
  • The creative sector accounted for 1.71m jobs in 2013, 5.6 per cent of total UK jobs; and a 1.4 per cent increase on 2012.
  • The value of services exported by the creative industries was £17.3bn in 2012, 8.8 per cent of total UK service exports.

Alex Hilton, CEO, FAST, stated: “Whether we are talking about advertising, design, film, music or the booming games industry, it is all underpinned by software, the great unsung hero of business transformation. Britain is leading the world when it comes to creativity and no more so than in sectors such as advertising and video gaming.  Software is powering this and as such needs to be recognised.  Whether that creative company is using software from a global vendor, or as we are increasingly seeing new, innovative tech start-ups, born in the Cloud those businesses are powering the next decade’s economic growth.”

“According to the Government’s own statistics the UK creative sector is contributing an staggering £8.8m per hour, or £146,000 every minute, to the UK’s economic performance.  The message from the UK software sector is clear: we are an intrinsic part of UK Plc’s growth and recovery, supporting many other industries in the advertising, design, film, music and gaming sectors, as well as being a globally recognised tech powerhouse in its own right.  With this being an election year we can only hope that whoever wins the General Election, that the focus will remain on this economically critical sector,” concluded Alex.