Don’t let your office become a crime scene, warns FAST | FAST

Don’t let your office become a crime scene, warns FAST

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Enforcement body launches online video campaign to encourage whistleblowing

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) has launched an enforcement initiative designed to highlight the damaging effects of counterfeit and unlicensed software on businesses and the broader economy.

The initiative, being fronted by a 60 second video, which the industry body will relay via YouTube and their social media channels, features the message ‘Don’t let your office become a crime scene’.

Through the campaign, FAST hopes to draw attention to the risks inherent in the use of illicit and under-licensed software, drive best practice, and encourage office workers to blow the whistle if they suspect the misuse of software in their workplaces.

Alex Hilton, FAST’s CEO, said: “Following the success of our first viral campaign, we wanted to produce a visually impactful video that would draw attention to software malpractice in the workplace. If you are using counterfeit software in the workplace, or indeed at home, you are committing a crime, and it’s this message that we are trying to convey.

“Employers and employees alike need to take action to ensure that they are properly educated about the proper use of software and the repercussions that software abuse can bring. This isn’t just about the reputational risk you take if you are caught, but the business and operational risk you put your company under if that software programme carries a rogue virus,” he continued.

“The ease with which software theft can be conducted and the anonymity of the internet has resulted in a cultural acceptance of illegal copying and a sense that this is a victimless crime – if a crime at all. When it’s realised that 26 per cent of all software used in the UK is stolen[1], the impact on the UK economy becomes clearer. Theft is never a victimless crime and, in the case of software theft, the victims are not only software developers, but also the health of the UK economy,” Hilton concluded.

Watch the FAST campaign video

If you would like to make a report to FAST about an organisation using unlicensed software please use the form at the following link: Report unlicensed software

Should you have any queries, please e-mail