FAST calls on businesses to get their IT estates in order for the New Year | FAST

FAST calls on businesses to get their IT estates in order for the New Year

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Businesses with ITAM solutions receive fewer audits, recent study finds

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is urging businesses in the UK to take control of their IT estates as they start 2014 to save money, reduce hassle, and ensure compliance with the law. 

Alex Hilton, FAST’s CEO, said: “One of the biggest challenges faced by enterprise companies today is the management of their software licence estate, not just to ensure compliance, but to proactively drive best value in procurement and reuse. SAM shouldn’t be viewed as an optional administrative process, but a key mechanism for transforming software from a cost centre to a strategic asset. For businesses looking to streamline their spending it can deliver a wide range of benefits, granting businesses greater control over the costs associated with software assets, and improving the performance of those assets.

“In fact, studies suggest that those businesses that make a concerted effort to stay on the right side of the law are less likely to be audited than those that don’t,” Hilton continued. “IT Asset management specialist Express Metrix recently conducted a study in the US and found that organisations that have implemented ITAM tools report a 32 per cent lower audit rate within the last two years than those organisations without such tools. 

“Moreover, the study found that those organisations with SAM tools in place are generally confident in their ability to document their licencing arrangements in the event of an audit. While there’s no guarantee that the software auditors won’t come knocking, by implementing an effective policy before they do should take much of the pain out of the process.

“Companies cannot financially afford to continue to over-purchase software licences, and legally cannot risk under-purchasing as it is an actionable infringement. These have to be the most compelling arguments for adopting effective SAM policies in the current market. Ultimately it’s far cheaper and easier to keep control of your IT estate and software licensing at the very beginning rather than to cut corners and get caught out by an inevitable licence audit,” he concluded.