FAST joins forces with leading members of the UK Intellectual Property Rights industry to drive awareness in the market | FAST

FAST joins forces with leading members of the UK Intellectual Property Rights industry to drive awareness in the market

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is working with four of the biggest names in the UK intellectual property rights sector to educate businesses and entrepreneurs on the importance of IPR.

Through a series of UK wide Technology & IP Workshops FAST is working in partnership with NatWest, Microsoft, Lombard, and IP experts Inngot, designed to accelerate business growth and ensure businesses are safe and secure from cybercrime.

Alex Hilton, CEO, FAST, stated: “Private-sector companies and industries together are constantly looking for ever-more competitive ways to succeed, by developing and incorporating creative and useful innovations into products and services that we all benefit from and enjoy in every area of life,”

“Intellectual property rights (IPR) - the copyright, patents, trademarks and similar rights on which creative and innovative products and services rely - have a vital role in growing economies, in spurring innovation, in giving large and small firms a range of tools to help drive their success, and in benefitting consumers and society through a continuous stream of innovative, competitive products and services and an expansion of society’s overall state of knowledge,” he continued.

The Workshops follow the announcement that FAST has recently launched a new membership scheme that will not only continue to address the needs of the established software publishers and the value chain, but will now deliver a number of new benefits for the rapidly evolving SMB software sector that invariably faces different business challenges and needs.

Not only do members continue to have the value of brand association with FAST, members will now gain access to legal advice (based on the membership type and fee level) Inngot IP valuation, discounted corporate banking (up to £800), promotional Escrow agreement costs, networking opportunities, event and PR support. Further benefits are available to those members with greater turnover including email campaigns, research projects, enforcement assistance and webinars.

Furthermore, each member will have a dedicated login area on the FAST website that will give them access to their bespoke programme benefits.

Alex Hilton: “The growth of the start-up community in the UK has bought with it a host of challenges that membership of FAST can now address. Legal guidance to members, IP valuation, discounted banking and access to our Knowledgebase resource on the FAST membership website, all adds up to help growing businesses.”

Attending this event will help organisations:

  • Learn more about how to protect intellectual property using a proven formula.
  • Understand the value you could unlock from IP and the relationship between IP & business growth.
  • Explore the benefits of managing your IP effectively, through software asset management.
  • Get insight into the latest technologies available to help keep the business safe and secure.
  • Make the most of your investments in IP and technology and hear how other companies are using technology to drive results, along with megatrends shaping the future of business.
  • Meet the local Natwest, Microsoft and Lombard teams and build networks
  • Get access to innovative resources, tools and frameworks to apply to your organisations from all speakers.

MANCHESTER19th MarchScience Museum
LONDON23rd MarchMicrosoft Cardinal Place, London
BRISTOL16th April RBS offices in Temple Quay
CAMBRIDGE21st MayMicrosoft Research Lab