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FAST launches Software Asset Management Practitioners Group

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FAST launches Software Asset Management Practitioners Group

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) has launched its Software Asset Management (SAM) Practitioners Group announcing a raft of new member benefits designed to support the SAM practitioner community.

The objective of the Group is to present a vendor neutral professional community of SAM practitioners to end customers. The FAST programme will support the SAM members, based on their feedback and requirements, with regular events, research, white papers and case studies.  In due course the FAST membership will deliver a unified recognised industry body accreditation.  For SAM practitioners this means that they will be able to optimise their sales proposition and generate new business through a host of FAST activities.

The programme is open to all SAM service providers and practitioners.  At launch, FAST signed two new highly credible and experienced organisations - EasySAM and Trusted ITAM

Robbie Richmond, Managing Director of the highly respected and long established specialist, EasySAM, said: “We are delighted to see the launch of this programme, we welcome centralised industry views that deliver fresh content for the SAM community.”

Andy Hill has been working in the SAM market for many years and as a former IT Director, the Group IT Asset Manager of Kingfisher plc (B&Q, Screwfix, Castorama and Brico Depot) and now a SAM practitioner, added: “This is great news for both customers and service providers delivering a SAM proposition.   Customers will have greater confidence in their SAM practitioner with a neutral industry body accreditation whilst service providers will have access to great content and deliverables with the credible FAST brand associated to them.”

Alex Hilton, Chief Executive of FAST, stated: “The SAM Practitioners Group within FAST has been refocused to help the community – from consultancies to service providers – by delivering the marketing and sales delivery tools they need to drive sales.

“Whilst all SAM practitioners will want to maintain their unique propositions they also have a need for vendor neutral research and support to assist them in the development of their business,” he added.

The SAM Practitioners Group will offer its members a number of deliverables, including:

  • FAST brand use and association: with over 20,000 end user organisations and prospects FAST can offer its SAM members the opportunity to promote their events and initiatives via the FAST website, online communications and bulletins
  • Lead gen campaigns: via a series of end user events
  • Marketing support: through market research, White Papers and even case studies
  • Networking events: from IP law to vendor training
  • Vendor Agnostic SAM accreditation: while still in development, this new initiative will enable partners to be FAST accredited in recognition of the SAM programme and audit process they conduct

Alex concluded: “The core purpose behind the Group is to promote best practice within the SAM sector. At the end of the day this is about building trust within the end user community to enable them to protect, manage and optimise their software assets.

“FAST will continue to educate the end user community, alongside the SAM industry itself. SAM in the minds of the end user is all too often considered a necessary evil, but the practical reality is that doing nothing is not an option. Licensing is different for every vendor, and can even change on the product and version and with the advent of the cloud, ever increasing levels of outsourcing and the dramatic increases we are seeing in BYOD, end user organisations face a very real challenge of keeping on the right side of existing licensing arrangements – let alone new ones!”

For anyone interested in becoming a member of the FAST SAM Group please contact FAST on 0845 521 8630 or email