FAST turns its attention to the South West with ‘Get Software Smart. Stay Legal’ | FAST

FAST turns its attention to the South West with ‘Get Software Smart. Stay Legal’

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Trading Standards event to coincide with enforcement campaign in the region

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is running an event with Trading Standards in Bristol on 10th July to provide law enforcement with the tools needed to investigate and enforce against those committing software Intellectual Property (IP) crime. This is the first time the campaign has been run in Bristol, and follows a number of initiatives already underway in other UK cities.

The ‘Get Software Smart. Stay Legal’ launch event, being hosted at the Avon and Somerset Police headquarters, will bring together speakers from a number of leading software IP rights holders, including Adobe and Microsoft, as well as representatives from the Intellectual Property Office and law enforcement agencies.

Alex Hilton, FAST’s CEO, said: “The impact of software piracy spreads well beyond the doorstep of the software industry, impacting on job and wealth creation in the broader economy. Software piracy is sometimes seen as a victimless crime, but the simple reality is that anything that harms legitimate, legal sales will cost jobs. We strongly support the focused efforts of law enforcement in bringing criminal prosecutions against those involved in Intellectual Property crime. This event will provide delegates with the investigative and legal knowledge and understanding of in order to deal with intellectual property crimes.”

Under Section 107A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Trading Standards has the duty to prosecute copyright offences. FAST is providing access and the tools for law enforcement officers in the regions across the country on how to spot piracy and counterfeits and therefore be equipped to protect the consumer and businesses operating legally.

Adam King, Barrister, QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers, added: “Industry bodies such as FAST work to ensure that consumers, legitimate businesses and their employees are protected from those who break the law. This partnership between enforcement agencies and Trading Standards underlines the importance of working together in raising awareness, offering guidance and where necessary, enforcing the law.”