New event for software industry lifts lid on latest upgrades to Software Asset Management standard | FAST

New event for software industry lifts lid on latest upgrades to Software Asset Management standard

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Software firms will learn how to engage end users in trials of Software Asset Management (SAM) Certification

A new event for the software industry will explore the latest enhancements to the industry standard for Software Asset Management (SAM) and will advise SAM Practitioners, vendors and resellers how to engage customers in trials that will improve compliance and save them money.

The seminar, hosted by the Federation Against Software Theft and Investors in Software (FAST IiS), will examine ISO’s major release of revisions to ISO19770-1 Software Asset Management (SAM) standard. The Tiered SAM Scheme (TSS) enables organisations to trial a recognized grade of ISO SAM TSS, and is now proceeding with the next wave of trials. Seminar attendees will learn how to engage customers in trials to achieve Tier 1 – Trustworthy data and repeatable licensing compliance processes.

During this event providers of SAM services will hear from the lead expert of the Tiered SAM scheme, who will discuss the roadmap to a single open industry certification for organisations wanting to standardise their SAM and outline opportunities for engaging their clients in the process. The event is open to all members of FAST IiS and interested parties from the SAM channel community.

Tiered SAM is the result of collaborative work by ISO/IEC* to address the call for a harmonious standard of world-class SAM practices. The latest revision now out for public review includes four successive tiers. In a development over the 2006 standard, which required organisations to undertake every SAM process, new tiers enable users to progressively reach an ISO SAM implementation more suited to business needs and, if required, to progress to later tiers in their own time. TSS enables users to try for more attainable, tiered ISO and also offers recognition by means of tiered industry certification assessments.

John Lovelock, Chief Executive of FAST IiS said: “It is in the interest of software vendors and resellers that their end-users are compliant and that they manage their software assets responsibly and effectively. It’s imperative that the UK software industry educate its customers about the risks and penalties of non-compliance, and also advise them of the tools and experts which exist to help them manage their assets most efficiently and achieve financial return on their software investment.

“This new industry-wide Tiered SAM Scheme certification, which will be available this year, is a major step forward for both the software and wider business communities. The trials will enable organisations to reduce compliance risks, control software costs and reduce the time taken to manage software assets; while the feedback from these trials will help speed the adoption of an international standard for SAM practices. We welcome the arrival of this new tiered scheme, and January’s event will be only our first step in promoting the benefits of the TSS among the software industry and its customers.”

*ISO/IEC is the worldwide standards body, the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission.