By Holly Wyld, Governance Specialist at Source Code Control Ltd

Issue 2, 2020

News: Global privacy expectation on video teleconference providers in the wake of Covid-19

Case Law Update: Software copyright infringement summary judgement application dismissed by the High Court

Book Recommendation The Road to Conscious Machines: The Story of AI – Michael Wooldridge

Issue 1, 2020

News: COVID-19 and online privacy

Case Law Update: The European Court questions the possibility of the exhaustion of rights in copyright for the digital marketplace

Book Recommendation The Internet in Everything: Freedom and Security in a World with No Off Switch

Issue 4, 2019

News: General Election 2019 and the UK software sector

Legislation & Case Law Update: EU report shows levels of internet piracy falling among younger people

Consultation: Cyber Security Incentives and Regulation Review 2020: Call for Evidence

Book Recommendation Super Pumped: the Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac

Issue 3, 2019

News: Whatsapp vulnerability targeted by hackers

Legislation & Case Law Update: Irish Supreme Court dismisses Facebook’s bid to prevent European Court of Justice looking into its US-EU date transfers

Consultation: BEIS consults on Smart Data Review

Book Recommendation: The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken by the Secret Barrister

Issue 2, 2019

News: Scale of piracy revealed: piracy websites near 190 billion visits in 2018

Legislation & Case Law Update: Computer Associates UK Ltd v Software Incubator Ltd

Consultation: UK Government Publishes “Online Harms” White Paper and Launches Consultation on Proposals

Book Recommendation: The Uninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future by David Wallace-Wells

Issue 1, 2019

News: UK Government publishes guidance on IP and Brexit

Legislation & Case Law Update: Court rules imposing a suspended sentence does not preclude the award of additional in copyright infringement case

Book Recommendation: Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine by Hannah Fry

Issue 6, 2018

News: French Tribunal declares Twitter’s copyright licence clause invalid

Legislation & Case Law Update: UK Government publishes draft copyright legislation to amend laws following Brexit

Consultation: European Commission launches Consultation on Connected and Automated Mobility

Issue 5, 2018

News: New EU copyright directive passes vote by MEPs – ‘Link Tax’ and ‘Meme Ban’

Legislation & Case Law Update: Sprint Electric Ltd v Buyer’s Dream Ltd and another [2018] EWHC 1924 (Ch)

Consultation: Work kicks-off to examine digital competition in UK