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Issue 4, 2018

News: EU Parliament rejects copyright reform law

Legislation & Case Law Update: Computer Associates UK Ltd v The Software Incubator Ltd: Supply of Software is not Sale of Goods

Consultation: UK Government launches consultation on the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

Issue 3, 2018

News: GDPR is here, but is Europe ready?

Legislation & Case Law Update: Facebook sued by MoneySavingExpert founder over fake adverts

Consultation: Public consultation on measures to further improve the effectiveness of the fight against illegal content online

Issue 2, 2018

News: Cambridge Analytica and Facebook face outrage over data breach

Legislation & Case Law Update: Draft Data Protection (Charges and Information) Regulations 2018 and guide published

Consultation: BEREC announces consultation on Net Neutrality Regulation

Issue 1, 2018

News: Meltdown and Spectre: no computer is safe

Legislation & Case Law Update: UK Government updates Investigatory Powers Regulations 2018

Consultation: ICO seeks feedback on recommendations for children and GDPR online

Issue 11, 2017

News: Facebook: the new home of fake goods?

Legislation & Case Law Update: Class action lawsuit targets Google for unlawful personal data collection

Consultation: Investigatory Powers Act: UK Government consults on proposed response to the European Court of Justice ruling

Issue 10, 2017

News: High Court dominated by football and music rights claims

Legislation & Case Law Update: Data Protection Bill gets second reading in House of Lords and reaches Committee stage

Consultation: EU launches public consultation on fake news and online disinformation

Issue 9, 2017

News: Cloud Industry Forum attains EU Cloud code of Conduct Supporter Status

Legislation & Case Law Update: EU Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market gets closer to approval & Sci-Hub faces hefty fine and ISP block in the US

Consultation: EU launches public consultation on the availability of Public Sector data

Issue 8, 2017

News: UK and EU prepare for Brexit data protection showdown

Case Law Update: ECJ to rule on legality of the UK’s mass digital surveillance powers

Consultation: Annual review of the Privacy Shield agreement underway