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Intellectual Property is more important than ever.

For over four decades, the Federation Against Software Theft, (FAST) has been a global champion of the professional management of legitimate software. As the software industry has evolved into a SaaS based model so has the role of FAST. Today, FAST legal and advisory services to both legal professionals and ambitious growing software companies who value and wish to protect their intellectual property (IP). 

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FAST Legal Update Member Bulletin – September 2023

In this newsletter, we explore an update in the important copyright case of Wright & Ors v BTC Core & Ors, where a High Court decision was reversed; and the case of Meta Platforms Inc. v Bundeskartellamt, which imposed requirements in relation to the interpretation of the GDPR. This is followed by a summary of the updates to the Online Safety Bill which is currently making its way through parliament. Finally, we look at the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunication Act, as well as a High Court order awarded to Sky.