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Get Software Smart

Joint Education Campaign Launched by the Federation Against Software Theft and Trading Standards to build awareness in business on illegal use of software.

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) has joined forces with Trading Standards in a variety of regions to support its innovative campaign to advise businesses on the issue of software misuse and how to ensure compliance.

The campaign which has commenced with the comprehensive brochure entitled ‘Software - Stay Legal’, is being undertaken throughout the summer and will see Trading Standards teams and FAST educating businesses on a range of issues such as how to buy software, downloading, the types of products to be aware of and the legal ramifications of misuse.

This will be the first of a catalogue of tools and useful information that the Federation will continue to provide to law enforcement as we seek to educate and assist companies with successfully navigating the field of software compliance.


Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU)

The Microsoft Digital Crime Unit (DCU) whole-heartedly supports FAST in its Software Stay Legal programme to establish and advance connections between the industry and law enforcement expert communities. FAST’s activities in this are invaluable in helping to deter illegal sales of illegitimate software, disrupt cyber-crime and to promote trust & confidence in cloud computing.

Abrahim Bakhtiar Attorney, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) Microsoft Limited

Adobe Systems GmbH

To me the FAST UK Software Stay Legal initiatives are very important with regards to knowledge sharing, awareness and relationship building. Connecting governmental enforcement units with the private sector to support them in combating crime is a true advantage of FAST UK and I am thankful they are running this initiative.

Philippe Brière, Regional Manager, EMEA Piracy Conversion, Adobe Systems GmbH

Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)

PIPCU is pleased to work with established representative organisations such as FAST in order to build trust in partnership working which is invaluable in reducing and deterring IP crime. Law enforcement and industry collaboration yields results for both the software publishers and the Police.

DCI Danny Medlycott, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) at the City of London Police

National Trading Standards eCrime Team

The National Trading Standards eCrime Team (NTSeCT) welcomes FAST’s Software Stay Legal initiative and is pleased to have the support and engagement of the software industry to reduce e-crime to protect consumers and safeguard businesses by tackling national online scams and rip-offs, supporting local and regional trading standards officers.

Mike Andrews, National eCrime Co-ordinator, National Trading Standards eCrime Team

Trading Standards Service

I was very pleased to support the event in our area, ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’ here in the Thames Valley, and glad to have the opportunity to help convey the message to my colleagues across our region as your ‘Home Authority’ Trading Standards point of contact. For many years we, in Trading Standards, have enjoyed a close working relationship with FAST and there are always new challenges and technologies that require us to continue to conspire against software frauds. The recent event showed a heartwarming solidarity amongst the attendees from Trading Standards, the Police, and industry, all with a will to pull in the same direction and help each other along the way. With tight resources an event like this helps us keep up to date and pool what we do have for the greater good. It was interesting to hear about the new criminal offence from the Intellectual Property Office speaker which will further strengthen our armoury. We rely heavily on input from industry as a barometer to confirm whether we should be doing work in this industry area, when other areas of counterfeiting are calling on our attention, and also to supply the technical insight we require to effectively spot offending products and confidently take enforcement action against them.

Rob Abell, Fair Trading Officer, Trading Standards Service, Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead