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Anti-Piracy & Enforcement

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) works on behalf of its members to reduce the level of software piracy. We have a well established reputation over 30 years, and expertise through our network of contacts in protecting commercial software Intellectual Property (IP) brands.

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SAM Practitioners

The Software Asset Management (SAM) membership group at the Federation Against Software Theft is open to all channel based practitioners involved in the provision of SAM from inventory and licensing tools, through to consultancies and service providers. 

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Government Affairs & Policy

Current UK Intellectual Property (IP) legislation generally serves the software industry well. The principles of UK and often European law, particularly on copyright, provide software manufacturers with the legal framework to protect their investment and creativity. The UK is a world leader in incubating creative software designs that can be readily brought to market. The UK system enables rights holders to protect their IP and go to market with confidence that will, in turn, enable further research and development for future creativity and investment.

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FLAG Legal Advisory Group

With a 25 year heritage, FLAG is one of FAST’s longest standing membership groups. Boasting a membership community of many highly respected international legal firms it primarily acts as an advisory group to FAST and its members on the topic of Intellectual Property protection.

FLAG offers a forum and legal community for Intellectual Property (IP) debates and issues, as well as a trusted advisor and escalation route to FAST members on legal issues.

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