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FAST Welcomes New Communications Bill

"Unlawfully distributing copyrighted material is theft - and a direct assault on the freedoms and rights of creators of content to be rewarded fairly for their efforts," Jeremy Hunt MP, Minister of Culture

Whistle while you work: not likely if you work in Britain

We don’t care! Workforce unaware of whistle blowing legislation designed to protect them and probably wouldn’t report malpractice anyway

Cyber-squatting a real concern as industry gears up for .xxx Adult Entertainment Domain launch

Industry experts remind businesses to protect trademarks and online brand reputation as new domain increases potential for misuse

FAST endorses new measures to give online shoppers peace of mind and avoid counterfeit goods

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) today announces its affiliation with Brand-i, a website that helps shoppers differentiate legitimate products from illegal counterfeit goods. 

Shoppers will be able to use the online directory to source webstores selling genuine products,...

FAST Welcomes Court Ruling

Decision represents a milestone & heralds working with the ISP community

Why the Brussels review of IP laws needs handling with care

IP laws are outdated, both domestically in the UK and also at the wider EU level, and here at FAST we welcome any move to review dated legislation and adjust and update laws that reflect the modern day challenges faced when attempting to protect intellectual property (IP).

But before we...

Brussels Review of IP laws needs to be handled with care

Any review of the European regime needs to complement and support IP as a driver of growth

Cautious welcome to Hargreaves Review from the Federation Against Software Theft

Small software companies need an intellectual property regime that enables them to flourish

Industry comes together to fight sales of counterfeit goods online

Federation Against Software Theft welcomes industry initiative

The Digital Economy Act Judicial Review: time now to let it work

High Court Judicial Review verdict gives the Act the breathing space it needs to operate