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Piracy Risks are Real

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The biggest myth about pirated software is that it’s cheap and doesn’t harm anyone. The truth is, everybody pays – and the price can be high.

  • In the UK, 24% of installed business software is used unlawfully.*
  • There is a strong correlation between unlicensed software and malware*
  • One in three copied software packages has malware in it*.

Software piracy is the illegal reproduction and distribution of software applications. Because of counterfeit and unlicensed software, legitimate businesses are not only losing selling opportunities; they’re missing out on ongoing revenues and the chance to add value.

Your business depends on your reputation for delivering reliable products and services. Illegal software copying and distribution tarnishes the reputation of all resellers. It also puts users at risk from inferior quality, and potentially dangerous software.

FAST is working with its communities to raise awareness of this issue and educate them on how to avoid counterfeiting operations. To find out more visit FAST member Microsoft's Piracy website

Microsoft is committed to helping partners and customers who have piracy concerns or were inadvertently sold counterfeit Microsoft software, or suspected counterfeit software. If you’re aware of any suspicious activity, please report piracy using the buttons below.




*BSA the Software Alliance Facts campaign 2015