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The Federation has a range of brochures and publications available to its members.

Featured reports

Brexit: No Deal? No Plan?

  There may be some truth in the maxim “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” but for many organisations planning for a no-deal Brexit is easier said than done. Field Seymour Parkes look at a few of the key issues to consider.
Annual IP crime and enforcement report: 2018 to 2019

  Highlighting current and emerging counterfeiting and piracy threats in the UK and overseas. Including Trading Standards successful IP cases.
Cyber Crime & IP Theft: Protecting the Digital Economy  A round-table event sponsored by the NewStatesman, with attendance from Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Intellectual Property at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.
IP Crime highlight report 2013 to 2014  This report illustrates the scale of IP crime and how government, industry and enforcement agencies collaborate to combat IP crime in the UK.
IP Crime quarterly newsletter: Spring 2014  Quarterly newsletter designed to showcase the good work being done across industry, government and enforcement to tackle IP Crime in the UK.

Hybrid report  In advanced economies like the UK’s, innovation is crucial to competitive edge. That makes Intellectual Property (IP) policy an increasingly important tool for stimulating economic growth.Every year in the last decade, investment by UK business in intangible assets has outstripped investment in tangible assets: by £137 billion to £104 billion in 2008. Global trade in IP licences alone is worth more than £600 billion a year: five per cent of world trade and rising. Small and young innovative firms are of crucial importance in terms of growth and jobs but proliferating use of IP rights can push up IP transaction costs and block these new players from entering markets.
Powering the Digital Economy  

A trade agenda to drive growth

A report by BSA The Software Alliance, identifies a tension between the trade in digital services, including cloud, and measures taken in some countries for security and privacy. 

Banking on IP?The role of intellectual property and intangible assets in facilitating business finance. A report from the IPO.
Government Affairs UpdateSynopsis of our recent meetings with Government.
FAST IP SurveyKeeping UK Plc in business – protecting Intellectual Property Rights.
Primal PicturesTaking down the Pirates at Primal Pictures - a Case Study