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Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU)

The Microsoft Digital Crime Unit (DCU) whole-heartedly supports FAST in its Software Stay Legal programme to establish and advance connections between the industry and law enforcement expert communities. FAST’s activities in this are invaluable in helping to deter illegal sales of illegitimate software, disrupt cyber-crime and to promote trust & confidence in cloud computing.

Abrahim Bakhtiar Attorney, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) Microsoft Limited

Adobe Systems GmbH

To me the FAST UK Software Stay Legal initiatives are very important with regards to knowledge sharing, awareness and relationship building. Connecting governmental enforcement units with the private sector to support them in combating crime is a true advantage of FAST UK and I am thankful they are running this initiative.

Philippe Brière, Regional Manager, EMEA Piracy Conversion, Adobe Systems GmbH

Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)

PIPCU is pleased to work with established representative organisations such as FAST in order to build trust in partnership working which is invaluable in reducing and deterring IP crime. Law enforcement and industry collaboration yields results for both the software publishers and the Police.
DCI Danny Medlycott, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) at the City of London Police

National Trading Standards eCrime Team

The National Trading Standards eCrime Team (NTSeCT) welcomes FAST’s Software Stay Legal initiative and is pleased to have the support and engagement of the software industry to reduce e-crime to protect consumers and safeguard businesses by tackling national online scams and rip-offs, supporting local and regional trading standards officers.
Mike Andrews, National eCrime Co-ordinator, National Trading Standards eCrime Team

Express Metrix

Express Metrix have been a member of FAST for a number of years and are supportive of the awareness they raise about what is happening in the SAM market and the value of customers adopting Software Asset Management to avoid unnecessary risks. In particular FAST’s Software Asset Management (SAM) Practitioners Group, helps to break down confusion within the SAM sector, promote best practice, and help end users maintain control of their IT estates. We’ve actively worked with FAST on a number of events, for which their support has proven invaluable.
Martin Callinan, UK Country Manager

Business Analysis Limited

I have been developing software now for 45 years and appreciate what FAST can do to protect my investment. FAST have given me wonderful support and advice over the past 18 months during an unpleasant dispute. Their legal team have been incredibly professional and understanding.

Alan Horner, Managing Director

Phoenix Software Limited

Phoenix Software is committed to working with organisations who are as dedicated in driving the adoption of best practice SAM and therefore very much values its working relationship with FAST. Our membership and association with this organisation is vital and enables us to remain well informed and up to date.
Sean Robinson, Associate Director

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey has been a longstanding member of FAST and has benefited from invaluable advice about protecting intellectual property and reducing the unlicensed use of mapping data
Matthew Lawrence, Marketing Communications Manager

Palmer Biggs Legal

We are a member of FAST as we welcome being in touch with its activities which are always at the cutting edge of all legal and industry practice developments.
Dawn Osborne, Partner

Membership of FAST

FAST is a trusted advisor to government on issues related to software intellectual property concerns in the digital age, and are also recognized as a market leading authority for information and guidance to businesses with a focus on championing the effective management of software assets and optimizing user investment in software licences

Our objectives are:

  • Driving down the illegitimate use of software and ensuring fair value is obtained by software publishers
  • Raising standards of professionalism and accountability for software use and management by end users
  • Promoting clarity and transparency between these communities to crystallize their values and obligations to each other

Through our educational events and publications, we provide a platform for members to market and share their expertise with end user companies across a wide range of industries interested in improving their compliance and SAM processes. We lobby government and policy makers to ensure that law and public policy reform continually improves the legal framework that protects the IP rights of software publishers and sustains innovation and market competitiveness.

Benefits of FAST Membership

Below we have featured the range of membership options and benefits available. The FAST membership fee model is determined by the annual turnover of the company applying. For more information, please contact Breda Beyer on 01628 640060 or email info@fast.org. As a not for profit organization, all membership fees are invested in our activities on behalf of the industry.