FAST Legal Update Member Bulletin – May 2024

In this bulletin we delve into a variety of topics, including the recent Court of Appeal judgment in Parker-Grennan v Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, the perils of generative AI in the court room and the disruption of LockBit, a well-known ransomware enterprise. Also discussed are what the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (‘DPDI Bill’) might mean for the UK and its future ‘adequacy’ in an EU data protection context. Finally we turn to the government’s response to a call for views on software risks for businesses and organisations.

Is Your Software IP Really Your IP?

What is in Your Software? In the age of modern software development, developers share and contribute the source code of libraries, components and frameworks on code sharing websites such as GitHub and npm. These components are typically shared under an open source software licence. This enables other developers to re-use these components on other projects and, means they do […]

IP Conflicts in Technical Due Diligence

By Holly Wyld, Governance Specialist at Source Code Control Ltd Third-Party Software in M&A If an E-Commerce cloud solution contained 27 open source licences, two of which require the entire source code to the solution to be made available, 53 copyright statements, 29 critical risk security vulnerabilities and all licence obligations are currently not met […]

FAST Legal Update Member Bulletin – January 2023

In this newsletter we explore some recent developments in Cyber Security guidance for organisations following recent ICO enforcement action, and the regulatory impact on the UK crypto market following the collapse of FTX. We also consider some key judgments in recent case law including the long-awaited decision on the U.S. Navy v GmBH software piracy […]

The legal importance of IP for small and medium-sized businesses within the UK

Hana Hassanbek – Brandsmiths  Background Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets for any business. IP protection is vital for growth and innovation of a business. Incorporating IP into business strategy allows firms to distinguish themselves from competitors and creates a brand identity. It also adds significant value to a business […]

Federation Against Software Theft warns of uncertainties of second-hand software

FAST issues “buyer beware” warning Legal issues relating to Second Hand Software have been attracting attention for some time now.  Those issues appear to sit in a developing area of law and it is difficult to anticipate where the law will finally settle.   This happens at a time that FAST has had to terminate […]

HR policies need to address the issue of software compliance

Warning from FAST comes as leading training company found to be under-licensed by £28,000 The Federation Against Software Theft has urged HR directors to educate employees and update corporate software usage policies after it recently recovered over £28,000 in revenue from under licenses at a leading UK skills and training provider. The company, TLE is […]

FAST Legal Update Member Bulletin – September 2022

In this newsletter we explore some of the most prevalent updates in recent months, includingsome of the various publications released by the UK Government. This includes the UKGovernment’s proposals on regulating online safety which has recently been delayed, and theintroduction of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill which will notably amend UK dataprotection legislation […]